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SHURE | ULX-D24/Beta 87A-Q51  
รหัส : ULX-D24/Beta 87A-Q51
ยี่ห้อ : SHURE
รุ่น : ULX-D24/Beta 87A-Q51
ราคาปกติ :  121,200.00 บาท      
ราคาพิเศษ :  72,900.00บาท

รายละเอียดย่อ :
Digital Wireless Beta 87A Handheld Microphone System
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SHURE ULX-D24/Beta 87A Digital Wireless Beta 87A Handheld Microphone System

Grab a Shure ULXD24/B87A digital wireless handheld microphone system from and get everything you need for amazing live vocal sound that won't tie you down. The Shure ULXD24/B87A digital wireless bundle comes with both a ULXD4 digital wireless receiver and a ULXD2 handheld transmitter that's outfitted with a Beta 87A condenser microphone capsule. That means you get both amazing digital wireless performance and top-quality sound with a Shure ULXD24/B87A digital wireless handheld microphone system. Check it out.

On the technology side, it's hard not to get jazzed by Shure's ULXD24/B87A ULX Digital wireless system. This freakishly user-friendly system combines everything that's made Shure's conventional ULX systems so popular, plus all of the perks of digital audio. The result is a totally reliable wireless system that simply works, anywhere! Feel free to get out there and move with the total wireless freedom that only a Shure ULX Digital wireless system from can give you.

But dropout-free performance isn't the biggest thing about Shure's ULXD24/B87A digital wireless system. This system transmits studio-grade 24-bit/48kHz resolution digital audio. Not only does this system completely avoid compassion, it actually preserves your performance dynamics far better than most wired analog systems. Add to that extreme setup flexibility and outrageous battery life, and you've got a wireless system that's ready for the big time.

As for the mic capsule itself, there are several different configurations of Shure's ULXD2 handheld transmitter. The Shure ULXD24/B87A digital wireless system comes equipped with a Beta 87A condenser microphone capsule. The Beta 87A is among the most popular handheld condenser microphones on the planet, and for good reason. 

Shure designed the Beta 87A supercardioid condenser mic to let you take your studio vocal sound to the center stage. It's ultra-tight pickup pattern lets you make the most of your freedom to move, blocking out unwanted noise and preventing feedback. If you want clear and warm vocals plus feedback-free wireless, then the Shure ULXD24/B87A is the wireless handheld microphone systems for you!


  • A complete digital wireless microphone system designed to give you top-quality sound and unrivaled performance
  • 24-bit/48kHz digital resolution provides professional-grade audio quality that's impervious to analog interference
  • Shure's ULXD4 digital wireless receiver features a large LCD screen, networkable configuration, and premium audio output
  • Shure's ULXD2 wireless handheld transmitter provides full 20Hz-20kHz audio with automatic Gain Ranging for maximum condensers transmission
  • Supercardioid Beta 87A condenser microphone capsule brings studio-style clarity to your vocals onstage
  • Rechargeable battery provides over 12 hours of battery life


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